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Creating a global process platform

Core HR: Why and how


Core HR: Why and how
Creating a global process platform
Imagine today’s global talent landscape. In New York City, a marketing director shares a highly qualified candidate for a hard-to-fill management position with her counterpart in Singapore. An engineer designing a pipeline in an office in Sao Paolo finds the answer to a question about fluid dynamics from a colleague in the field in western Canada. And in Paris, three well-qualified internal candidates from three different continents arrive at company headquarters for interviews to be the next vice president of ...view middle of the document...

Regardless of where they live, most employees have more in common than not. They want to do good work, get feedback, and grow in their jobs. However, important differences exist. For global employers, the main differences fall into three groups: • Cultural differences: Local work styles vary. Does work emphasize individual performance (as in the United States) or collective performance (as in India)? Differences can, and often do, involve a broad range of factors, including the importance of respect, recognition, and timeframes. • Legal requirements: In Brazil, companies expect a job application to include a picture of the candidate. In other countries, including a photo is considered improper and could result in a lawsuit. Employment law and legal requirements concerning data privacy are major issues, and they vary significantly by country. • Economic and labor market factors: What are employee expectations about work norms and career opportunities? In India, many employees expect to be promoted quickly — in a period of time that managers in a Western country would consider unrealistic.

The challenge of data privacy
Local regulations can impose restrictions on how and where you store your data. For example, the European Union’s (EU) Data Protection Directive regulates how a company collects job applicants’ personal data, in addition to how that data is stored and later shared within the company.* Even sharing an applicant’s data across countries with field offices or regional managers can be illegal if the company isn’t following the correct procedures. Siemens, with its workforce spread worldwide, faced these particular challenges. But because of SuccessFactors’ industry-leading security capabilities and experience working with global enterprises, all data ownership remained with Siemens and all data privacy in the EU and other regions was safeguarded in accordance with regulations.
* SOURCE: Donovan, Kathleen M. Make Global Recruiting a Winning Strategy. 2011. Manpower Solutions.

It’s not unusual for the globalization of processes to meet resistance at the local level. The rationale goes something like this: “What does the corporate office know about how we work here?” The result is reluctant acceptance or quiet resistance. Adoption of the initiative suffers and often fails. And it’s easy to blame the failure on poor process design and deployment. From our work with hundreds of global companies, SuccessFactors knows that effectively designed global HR and talent processes are more similar than different. With cloud technology, employees at the corporate level can adapt the processes and then roll them out to specific regions quickly and easily.



The first two steps in adapting a process are relatively simple — and many HR technology vendors can deliver these services:

Effectively designed global HR and talent processes are more similar than different.


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