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In Organizational Behavior and Management, Ivanncevich, Konopaske, and Matteson place emphasis on exemplifying appropriate management practices to distribute a successful organization. In order to become effective and sufficient, the organization must be centered on or around human resources, management, organizational culture, and implemented processes. In the readings of Leading Change, Kotter displays a different interpretation from the textbook regarding a strong emphasis for leadership to assist in successful transformations of organizations. Kotter explains that failure to transform an existing or upcoming organization results from too much complacency, failure to create a ...view middle of the document...

Mangers have a responsibility to invoke favorable behavior and perceptions of the company through appropriate motivation. This ability exemplifies the organization’s guided success through the performance of the individuals. It further declared that the theory of motivation required importance of concern for the needs of the people distributes through satisfactory work ethics (Ivancevich, Konopaske, and Matteson 130-131). There is an inconsistency regarding the textbook’s viewpoints and Kotter’s vision on the sense of urgency and the importance of successful movement for the organization. In Organizational Behavior and Management, their importance is stemmed in the needs and behaviors of the people. They are concerned with how the people perceived the organization to be and making sure the culture of the organization is in lined with that perception. Kotter, on the other hand, induces that organizational change is key to transforming the organization. He believes that more successful organizations submit change by changing the people’s feeling of the organization and implementing individuals who will get in line with the new direction for the organization.
Creation of Guiding Coalition

Building a guiding coalition is always needed- one with the right composition, level of trust, and shared objective. Building such a team is always an essential part of the early stages of any effort to restructure, reengineer, or retool a set of strategies (Kotter 52). Because of today’s business world, only teams with the right composition and sufficient trust among members can be effective under the new circumstances of the speed of market and technological changes (Kotter 55). A team is viewed as a mature group comprising people with interdependence, motivation and a shared commitment to accomplish agreed-upon goals (Ivancevich, Konopaske, Matteson 273). Formal groups are necessary in order to facilitate the accomplishment of an organization’s goals. (279). Kotter, Ivancevich, Konopaske, and Matteson viewed the concept of groups and teams alike. They both believed that those groups are necessary for the organizations to complete necessary organizational change, meet necessary projected goals and develop trust of the individuals in the organization. Facilitating this concept through the organization helps to implement empowerment, effective communication and training development for management, leaders and subordinates.
Development of a Vision and Strategy
A good vision institutes the general direction, facilitates motivation, aligns individuals efficiently, and develops the coordination of costs (Kotter 68-70). The development of a good vision constitutes the description of the organization’s future, determines the foreseen culture, and feasibility. With the development of the vision, strategies must be implemented accordingly. Strategies are used to direct the process and procedures in accordance with the changed vision. The vision and strategies...

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