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Human Resource Management Essay

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Assignment – 01

Assignment Topic – Entrepreneurship is merely a special case of Leadership

Name:M. M. Tamim

Student ID: 11511633

Course Name: Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Course Number: MGT 536

Course Instructor: Harpeet Kaur

Entrepreneurship is merely a Special Case of Leadership
In the worlds science & technology is very important for the people for continuing their activities. Besides business is the term which is also important for the countries all over the world by which people can get their useful products & services. Leadership and entrepreneurship is the two most important term for creating, managing and controlling the organization. ...view middle of the document...

The result is this statement not absolutely true that entrepreneurship is simple a special case of leadership because when any individual become an entrepreneur then it doesn’t mean that the person in leader. But in some extent it is similar for example any government is leader but that person could be an entrepreneur by innovating something for the country.

In the emergence of civilization the research of leadership rivals in age. In the context of modern age, there is still search for regenerate the civilizations about leadership like development analysis and competencies etc. In the context of Ptahhotep in 2300 B.C., three terms were given to the Oharoah. Bernard M. Bass emphasizes that, “Confucius urged leaders to set a moral example and to manipulate rewards and punishments for teaching what was right and good. Taosim emphasized the need for the leader to work himself out of his job by making the people believe that successes were due to their efforts.” So, the things is the employees must realize that the company’s successes depends on the high effort of their works and concentration and this realization must be created by the leaders by influencing and giving realistic and ethical examples.
According to Greek concepts leadership is justified by heroes like Achilles, Agamemnon etc. However, for good governance leadership is most important for any country to rule with order and justice. Aristotle is one of the examples of greatest leader in politics (cited in concept of leadership, Bernard M. Bass, p.4). Leadership exists in human beings as well as in animals and its running from thousands of years ago. Generally, each animal dominate their areas to other animal in the form of order which is well known. Many experiments were done in order to find the animals’ relation or dominance power. According to Douglis (1948), he had an experiment and for the short periods he placed some hens from their flocks to another flocks. And each flock was looked for observing the hen’s pecking order. The result was that in at least different five flocks hens become incorporated. Within three days hens were incorporated those were highly dominated and those were not they took three to six weeks to become incorporated.
Besides this, now come to the effects of dominance power in high priests where Carpenter (1963) conducted an experiment of the environment of monkeys and apes. And his results were that for finding the food and shelter, the leader intends to control the group of animal’s movement as well as defend from any dangerous situations. The covering area of the group was reduced when the leader was removed. Sometimes the leader were refrained by the other males those are low ranked but in some extents two or three males not avoid the leader stood next to leader for keep watch and save from the intruders. So this is another terms of leadership.
Human leadership is most important and in all culture leadership exists but the patterns...

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