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Human Resource Management is the job of attracting, training and retaining employees. Human resource managers are in charge of employees. They need to ensure each employee is getting paid in accordance to the FSLA, and there is no internal or recruitment discrimination. They also need to deal with any internal issues that may arise such as harassment, on the job injuries and any negative acts performed by an employee that may reflect poorly upon the company. Human resources in mainly in charge of job description, determining the right type of person for each job, placing the right person in each job, training and orienting employees, ...view middle of the document...

The third method is through observation, this is when an employee is observed as they go through their daily tasks and the human resource representative takes note of physical exertion, time, and amount of skill each job entails. This method is only effective in a job in which progress is tangible such as a grounds keeper, or janitor, but doesn’t leave room for an error in the amount of physical exertion, skillset required or time allotted to complete tasks.
Once the job analysis is performed and the human resource department can create a job description, and create specifications for the type of people that are needed for each position, and workforce planning can begin. Workforce planning is the process of formulating plans to fill future openings in the company. To do this human resources must predict positions that will be opening, if the company is expanding, the company is mainly a seasonal business or just from quarter to quarter. This can be down using two methods; Trend Analysis, and Ratio Analysis. Trend Analysis is done by studying a firms employment levels in a five year trend. Once the five year trend is established human resources can look and see which departments/positions have the highest turnover rate. Once they determine what has the highest turnover rate they can prepare to recruit for the open position as employees quit or hand in their two weeks’ notice. The second is a ratio analysis this is done by taking creating forcasts based on the ration of employees to efficiency. If the department has a low ratio then either there needs to be more structure in said department, or some layoffs and hires need to take place. If the department has a high ratio then production can be ramped up and more employees can be taken on.
Once there is an understanding of the jobs, the types of people needed to fill each position, and the potential for openings, the company needs to begin recruiting new employees. The best way to fill positions is to recruit internally; this is recruiting employees who have the skillset and ability to perform the tasks of another position. This commonly happens with line level employees being promoted to supervisor or manager. However is just as commonly seen in employees such as assistants or employees with certain training being transferred to other departments to perform a similar task. Employees can also be offered a finder’s fee if they refer an applicant who is hired. This gives employees an incentive to search for people who they think could successfully perform each job. It is low cost and requires an extremely minimal amount of time and effort from human resources. The most important form of recruitment is through the internet, the cheesecake factory stated that 70% of applicants found job openings, and applied online. This is the most effective way to reach a large amount of people for minimal costs. The company should provide a user friendly link on their website that connects people to job...

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