Human Resource And Job Design Essay

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Company profile


McDonald's is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across 35,000 outlets. Founded in the United States in 1940, the company began as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald. In 1948, they reorganized their business as a hamburger stand using production line principles. Businessman Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent in 1955. He subsequently purchased the chain from the McDonald brothers and oversaw its worldwide growth.

A McDonald's restaurant is operated by either a franchisee, an affiliate, or the corporation itself. The ...view middle of the document...

Now the questions are:

1) What is the importance of job design?
2) How it companies design its job workflow and environment ?
3) What sugestion?
3. Discussion

The objective of human resource strategy is to manage labor and design job so people are effectively and efficiently utilize. The goals of human resource strategy are to increase quality of work life. High quality of work life means that the job is not only safe but also serve as a good approach to both physical and psychological aspects of the employees. Another way to develop is the quality of work life is by developing a good mutual commitment and trust amongst the employees. Mutual commitment means that bot management and employee share the same objective as while mutual trust is reflected in reasonable and documented policies
A. McDonald
In McDonald the human resource manager keep the number of employee as constant irrespective of the demand. By using this approach, McDonald can maintain a constant labor cost, but this approach also has its own drawbacks in which when the number of customers are spiking, it will take more cost. When the numbers of customers are raising the workers will get troubled, because it will take a long queue of customers. When the numbers of customers are decreasing, the worker will do nothing and paid for nothing it is actually a waste of money because McDonalds in the end of the month will still pay their salary without calculate their quantitates and regarding how many customer they serve on that month. So the human recourse must find the average of the customers, the human recourse manager should calculate the right number of employees that can serves the branch effectively.

B. Marlboro

In Marlboro the human resource manager keep the number of employee as constant irrespective of the demand. By using this approach, Marlboro can maintain a constant labor cost no matter the number of sales is increase or decrease Marlboro will not change their number of employee. Different with McDonald’s case Marlboro will get no trouble when the number of demand is increasing drastically in short and this condition because they are in is also happen when the number of sales is decreasing because no matter the number of demand Marlboro will produce the same amount of production everyday, hence the human resource manager should calculate the sales average to minimize loss when market demand gone bad

Job Design

Job design is an approach to specifies the tasks that constitute a job for an individual or a group (Heizer, 2011)
Job design itself consists of job specialization, expansion, psychological components, self-directed teams and motivation and/or intensive system. Here we will analyze the job design of each company and determine whether its effective or not in that specific company.
In a company there are two ways to decide how the employees will work: specialization and expansion, in which specialization...

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