Human Growth And Development Essay

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Psychology is the understanding how and why an individual change and doesn’t change through development. The changes from Germinal to fetal period is miracle; but when you eventually saw the changes occur in a child from ages six through eleven on a daily basis is unbelievable. In this paper, we’ll get to understand how a child grows and developed to understand the environments around them. These changes are well researched and the finding ...view middle of the document...

These domains will explain step by step the different development of six years through eleven years old child.
The first domain will describe how a child from age six through eleven motivate and experience their self. This domain is called the biosocial theory. At this age for almost ailment from influenza to cancer they are the healthiest period of their life. This theory will also explain how a child has the skills to undertake their basic care, from brushing their own teeth, prepared their break and walk to school. As one interviewed a ten year old girl; she remembered the age she started to do her laundry. She stated,” I was six when my mom told me to wash my under wear and socks and at that same age I have to clean my room” (Tonian 3/6/2010). They are few children at this age will not start to do these duties. You have parents that spoiled their child so badly until when the time comes to do their duty it causes a lot of commotions. Children at age six through eleven can master the motor skill, as long they don’t have to use too much strength with speed and distance. As one stated, “nine years old can race their elders on bicycles…” (page 328).

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