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Human Growth Essay

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APA Paper

APA Paper
Rachel Kidd
Hill College

Basically in this paper you deal with the after effects of loss. You also see what type of psychological disorders people have. This type of thing happens all the time around the world. The biggest event that impacted the United States has been the 9/11 attack on the twin towers. You see Charlie who had to deal with a loss of his entire family during the attacks, it really messed him up and he basically shutdown to anyone and everyone.

APA Paper
After watching the movie Reign Over Me it opened my perspective on a lot of things dealing with mental ...view middle of the document...

He knew about Charlie’s loss of his family and had been trying to get ahold of him for a while. When he was finally able to make contact Charlie acted as if he didn’t know him. It took him a while to realize that he did in fact know him and they started spending a lot of time together. Alan was a dentist and he and Charlie had gone to school together with the same goal of owning their own practice. After the loss Charlie didn’t pursue that dream any longer. Alan would talk with a psychologist almost every day, because she worked in the building next to her. He would always talk to her about a so called “friend” that in reality was him (Bender, 2007). He was having trouble dealing with the fact he didn’t spend time with any friends anymore and it was driving him crazy not being able to get away for a while, so when him and Charlie started to spend time together it started to reduce his need to get out. Since Charlie stayed in all day and went out all night it kept Alan up a good bit and his wife started to get upset. It really wasn’t hard to see that Charlie needed Alan as much as Alan need Charlie. Charlie was very comfortable with Alan and he told him a lot of things. One day Charlie’s wife’s parents came by to try and talk to him and Charlie didn’t want to deal with them and it kind of made him upset, so Alan asked him if he would ever consider talking to anyone Charlie agreed because it was something that he wanted him to do. As he started to go to the therapy sessions he would just sit there and when she would ask him questions he would just ask if he could leave and she would say if that’s what you want. One day she finally said that it was useless for him to keep coming if he wasn’t going to talk to her about any of it. He then got upset and said that he was going to leave, well Alan was waiting in the lobby for him when he was done and Charlie sat down and started to tell him the whole story about what happened and that it made him sad and he cried. Later that night Charlie got overwhelmed and he drank some alcohol and he found a gun with no bullets and he was trying to kill himself (Bender, 2007). When he didn’t have bullets he went out on the town and acted like he was going to kill himself and they put him under arrest and he had to await a trial. He got off with a plea of insanity and he stayed in a mental hospital for a while. Finally when they released him started to be able to cope better and he got a different apartment and he did a lot better. In the movie you would always see Charlie playing a game it was called “Shadow of the Colossus”, basically it represented Charlie getting rid of the bad people and recreating his life. He wanted so badly for his family to be back, because it was hard on him. He didn’t like that everyone else knew what happened to them and he couldn’t, so he often denied it.
Currently in the world there are many people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In recent news a man shot and killed...

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