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Human Flourishing And The Nursing Process

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Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul through Caring:
Bridging the Science of Nursing and the Human Spirit
Verity A. Becher
Pueblo Community College, Southwest Campus

Nursing is as much science as it is a study in the human condition. Combining caring and the notion of human flourishing allows the nurse sharpen her understanding of patients’ needs by observing and understanding herself (Husted & Husted, 2008). A nurse is able to better anticipate the needs of her patients by noting similarities and differences between the two of them. With caring in the nursing corner, even under less-than-ideal conditions, one can still create havens of hope, nourishment, and the ...view middle of the document...

Human flourishing, as it pertains to nursing, was best described by Tony MacCulloch (2011) as “visions of life, people, energy, nature, relationships, and human endeavors that blossom and grow in every sense of the world.” MacCulloch (2011) notes, in relation to nursing practice, that we can flourish out of our own energy and effort; we can also flourish because of those around us who have a special ability to encourage and uplift our spirits. Human flourishing encompasses the uniqueness, dignity, diversity, freedom, happiness, and holistic well-being of the individual within the larger family, community, and population (PCC, 2012).
Bringing these two concepts together is like having an umbrella during a rain storm; individually they are helpful and necessary but together they are the perfect combination. Caring is that feeling deep down that drives nurses to strive for and promote the notion of human flourishing. To help patients achieve the best possible health that they can. It is important to utilize nursing skills of honesty, taking risks, critically thinking, compassion, creativity, and caring (MacCulloch, 2011). To care is to feel and understand what your patient is going through influencing action to help the patient achieve their best possible self, and then allow both the patient and one’s self to grow in every aspect of life; to flourish inside the body and as a member of the community.
Personal Reflection
I chose to write about the connection between caring and human flourishing because I believe that everything in our lives is interconnected – our whole being of mind, body, and soul. Caring is about finding that place in ourselves that allows us to put aside difference and judgment and follow the path of compassion. Compassion is that...

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