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Human Development Essay

365 words - 2 pages

Maryan Jama
University of Calgary- Qatar
Psychology 200 L04-Principles of Psychology Winter 2015
Ms. Monica Mansilla
February 7th , 2015

American Psychological Association, (2012). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. (6th American Ed). Washington: American Psychological Association.

Corner, R., Gould, E., Ogden, N., & Boyes, M., (2012). Psychology Around Us. Canada: John Wiley & Sons.
Human development in psychology
Human”s life based on the changes in thinking, emotions, and behavior that happens ...view middle of the document...

According to Piaget, schema is the structure that we form it in our mind for understanding the world (Piaget et al., 2009). Later on, when I grow up I realized that nurses” work is much more than taking temperature, especially when I visited a patient with my family before starting my career, I found out nurses they were doing more than taking temperature, such as changing dressings. The new information added to the pre-existing knowledge called assimilation is defined by Piaget as the inclusion of new information into the pre-existing schemes (Piaget et al., 2009).
After a few years when I enrolled in nursing, I surprised that the concept of nursing is more than practical. At that time, I gained new knowledge about nursing even though they started to teach us the principles of nursing such as mathematics, biology, where the only thing I thought about nursing is giving injections. My mind at that time expanded to add new information giving injections and studying the nursing. However, I still have difficulties to understand some new skills that I learned, but I accommodate myself to receive new ability and expertise in accord to continue working at my job. Piaget describes accommodation as the alteration of the pre-existing schema to fit in new experience (Piaget et al., 2009).
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