Human Behavior Essay

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Ensuring customer satisfaction by achieving delivery of service quality norms by interacting with clients, handle guests’ requests & resolving complaints.
Delivering high-value services to upscale clients for exalting their satisfaction levels.
Interacting with guest for quick resolution of their problems and providing high quality services to achieve customer delight.


Name : Joysha Guno Fabella
Nickname : Sha
Age : 18 yrs old
Gender : Female
Date of Birth : November 7, 1995
Place of Birth : San Juan, ...view middle of the document...

Position : HRM/HTM Instructor
Contact No. : 09098211612

Name : Rhea De Guzman
Position : HRM/HTM Instructor
Contact No. : 09106398896

Name : Mary Jean Lubos
Position : HRM/HTM Instructor
Contact No. : 09178534739

I hereby certify that the above information’s are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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I would like to broaden my experience by taking a challenging assignment, preferably in guest relation and Food and Beverage Service Department which would enable me to exercise my communication, organizational and administrative skills in a effective manner.


Name : Joysha Guno Fabella
Nickname : Sha
Age : 17 yrs old
Gender : Female
Date of Birth : November 7, 1995
Place of Birth : San Juan, Batangas City
Civil Status : Single
Citizenship : Filipino
Height : 5’7
Weight : 50 kls.
Religion : Catholic
Dialects : Filipino and English
Mother’s Name : Asuncion G. Fabella
Occupation : Clerk of Court II
Father’s Name : Jose Paito A. Fabella
Occupation : None


* Housekeeping


Grand Culinary Challenge
Held at World Trade Center
11th day of November 2011
* Food Photography 101 Taking Good Food Shots
* Understanding Umami The Science and Its Application
* Recipes for Future Financial Success
* Introduction to a Career as a Barista
How to Start Your Career as a Barista
* Enhancing Your Events with Ballons
A Ballon Making...

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