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EHR selection and decision-making process

An electronic health record or EHR is a concept defined as a collection of electronic health information about individual patients or populations. Once an EHR system is installed and staff are trained in its proper use, retrieving and updating patient clinical records is performed substantially faster and with fewer errors. In most cases, this allows health care providers to finish patient charting more quickly, and to do so while with the patient, increasing accuracy and completeness of the record. This can result in an increase in scheduled visits per hour with no lessoning of patient care quality. Also, by reducing the burden of administrative ...view middle of the document...

All in all, demonstrating meaningful use of certified EHRs takes time and resources. Through the EHR Incentive Programs, eligible hospitals, including critical access hospitals (CAHs), can qualify for EHR incentive payments totaling some $2 million or more. Thus the incentive for having quality EHR programs in the medical profession is an increasingly growing sector that is currently part of the medical establishment.
The EHR I will be discussing is the MediTouch Electronic Health Record Software. This electronic health record system seems to be very prominent, and I found out for a variety of reasons.
MediTouch EHR is one of the easiest software programs to use for the application of health recording for medical purposes. Its basic design is internet based with a touch screen for ease of usage. (MediTouch EHR Electronic Health Record Software, 2013).
The Practice Management features are as follows: Accounts receivable management, Appointment scheduling, Audit trail, Billing, Document management, Electronic Claims (ECS), Electronic Patient Statements (EPS), Email, Faxing, Insurance payments, and Insurance printing, Inter-office messaging, Multiple users, Patient ledger card, Patient statements, Remote access, Reports, and Workers comp.
The EHR/EMR features included are Alerts, Automatic Refill Requests, Care Guides, Care Planning and Patient Education, Chart Management, Charts, Document Management, Clinical Charting, Disease Management, Drug & Allergy Alerts, E & M Coding, Electronic Billing, Electronic Labs, Problem Lists, Electronic Prescribing, Medication Management, Allergy Checks, Order Management, And Lab Tests. (MediTouch EHR Electronic Health Record Software, 2013).
The Security features are as follows: Automatic Backup, Automatic Logoff, Backup, Emergency Access, Encrypted Data Transfer, Password Protection, Person Authentication, Record of Chart Updates/Accesses, Recovery Protection, Secure Remote Access, Unique user IDs.
The Training features are as follows: Administrator Training, End User Training, Training, Group Training, Individual Training, On-Site Training, Online Tutorials, Orientation, Training Courses, Training Videos, and Virtual Training.
The Support features are as follows: Blogs, Brochures, Email, FAQ, Forums, Help desk, Instructional Videos, Live Chat, Normal Business Hours, On-Site, and Online, Online Self Serve, Phone, Record Demos, Request Form, System Upgrades, Tips and Hints, Webinars, and White Papers.
MediTouch also provides patients with an electronic Personal Health Record (PHR), where patients are able to start the recording information at home prior to their appointment, reduction of time for the patient and the facility as well and improving patient care. (MediTouch EHR, 2013).
Physicians are able to skip through the routine tasks and are able see and treat more patients. One of the other EHR advantages is that the patients feel much more involved and connected their healthcare.

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