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Htm 421 Essay

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Throughout the inception of civilization, restaurants have been an around in one or another shape or form. The utility of a restaurant or inn can provide to hungry travelers from all centuries of the past with invaluable resources of survival. Often times, whether or not a restaurant or inn was in proximity of travelers would determine whether or not these people met life or death. Nowadays, restaurants provide a convenient way to access a meal without having to go through the trouble of buying the raw food ingredients and cooking it yourself. While there are many kinds of restaurants, fast food restaurants tend to be pop up most often in everyday conversations and the media due to the fact ...view middle of the document...

In 2013, the fast food industry alone employed over 3.5 million people in the United States. With the U.S. population standing at about 319 million people, the fast food industry employees more than 10% of the United State’s population.
The fast food industry does have many disadvantages. Many, if not a large majority, of fast food restaurants serve food that contain a much higher calorie content than an average meal should have. Along with the extra sugar that accompanies many of these meals, many feel that the fast food industry is the main cause of obesity in America. Although there are healthy choices offered at these fast food restaurants, the industry has been shown to contribute to America’s obesity epidemic. Obesity can cause many problems to those who suffer from it, including a loss of self-esteem, heart disease and diabetes, just to name a few. With growing awareness to theses problems and the epidemic, people are looking for the culprit that is causing obesity. Many people found concern with how certain fast food restaurants would market themselves to the consumers. McDonald’s was under scrutiny in 2011 about how they conducted their advertising campaigns. Parents were upset with how McDonald’s would advertise directly to their young children with incentives of toys and sugary foods. They felt that McDonald’s was taking advantage of the fact that many children did not understand how to eat healthy, and that often times had poor impulse control. The city of San Francisco stepped in and banned McDonald’s toy giveaways with happy meals, at least until the company changed their meal offerings to meet San Francisco’s nutritional standards. Another disadvantage that many consumers and critics have pointed out about the fast food industry is the fact that it pushes out smaller businesses. Big corporations can buy materials and ingredients for much cheaper and can therefore sell their end products for cheaper. This undercuts local businesses because these small companies cannot compete with lower prices and this can eventually cause them to go out of business. Lastly, many scientists and other researchers have pointed out the fact that pollution is a negative externality of fast food corporations. Methane from cattle farms (that produce the beef used in burger and other food products) produces over 25% of the world’s green house gasses. With the majority of California being in an exceptional drought, it is easy to see how pollution and excess greenhouse gasses has gotten out of hand. Customers of McDonald’s alone consume over 1 billion tons of beef per year. With all these obvious and detrimental disadvantages of fast food, many people see the fast food industry as the villains.
While the fast food industry has been largely attributed to contributing to obesity, unfair wages, and unsanitary food conditions, the fast food...

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