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Hrm In Multinational Banks In Tanzania

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The American Red Cross (ARC)


The American Red Cross (ARC) Charlene Craig Strayer University HRM 522 Dr. Jack Huddleston October 25, 2013

The American Red Cross (ARC)


This assignment will cover the ARC and the impact that the events of 9-11 and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita had on ARC’s benefits of business ethics; the role that ARC’s stakeholders played in these scenarios; ways in which ARC’s corporate governance failed to provide formalized responsibility to their stakeholders; and steps that ARC could follow to improve their stakeholder perspective. Organizations have a responsibility to behave ethically and meet the economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic duties that ...view middle of the document...

These ethical issues occurred even though ARC had policies in place to address many of the issues. (Ferrell, 2012)

The American Red Cross (ARC)


The impact of the events of 9-11, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on ARC’s “benefits of business ethics” (employee commitment, investor loyalty, customer satisfaction, and bottom line) has been troublesome. Misconduct by those in leadership roles, along with ineffective and constantly changing leadership has caused many of problems that ARC experienced to not be legitimately addressed nor strategically dealt with by leaders who could actually remain in a leadership position, mandate and implement changes when needed and enforce present policies that were being ignored. For example, ARC had policies to address executive talent searches and compensation packages, attendance of board members at board meetings, code of ethics conduct (which required signatures from all employees and volunteers), anonymous avenue for the reporting unethical behavior, and policies regarding (or mismanagement of in ARC’s case) business funds, property, recording keeping, etc. (Ferrell, 2012) ARC employee commitment diminished because of mishandling of funds by higher up, job losses, and employees were not able to gain expertise in their job functions due to rotating schedules for support positions. Investor loyalty was damaged due to again, mishandling of not only funds but ARC’s slow response times and alleged cases of discriminatory practices, tarnish strategic alliances with investors and suppliers. Customers were affected by all of the above ethical issues that affected employees, investors, suppliers because the customers are the reason for ARC’s existence, but go wanting and in need because of the dysfunctional state of ARC and its ethical issues. ARC’s bottom line has suffered as well, as the text states; they were “running a $200 million deficit and eliminated 1,000 jobs in 2008”. Organizations that cannot get a handle on unethical issues and behavior suffer, that includes shareholders and stakeholders. (Ferrell, 2012)

The American Red Cross (ARC)


According to Hitt, stakeholders are defined as “individuals and groups who can affect the firm’s vision and mission, are affected by the strategic outcomes achieved, and have enforceable claims on the firm’s performance”. ARC’s stakeholders included: customers, employees, volunteers, community, suppliers, government regulatory agencies, special interest groups, trade associations, media, and competitors. The role that ARC’s stakeholder orientation played in this scenario is to make an impact and generate action. The stakeholder orientation should prompt ARC to identify the stakeholders who are most relevant to their organization and evaluate their impact on the issues of identified stakeholders, communicate those concerns execute a favorable response. Since organizations’ perspectives of stakeholder orientation depends on its understanding and action of...

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