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Hrm Evolution Essay

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Evolution of human resources management – Essay

by Smriti Chand Business

Since the 1980s the nature of Personnel Management is undergoing change and personnel function is shifting the locus of its focus. Amongst personnel specialists, the term, ‘Personnel Management’ is being substituted by that of ‘Human Resources Management’.

It is felt that Personnel Management is being directed mainly at company employees and is not being completely identified with managerial needs.

Personnel men have all along been mediating in between the management and the employees communicating the needs of each to the other. To maintain credibility with employees mediating personnel men have to ...view middle of the document...

Torrington has argued that Personnel Management has grown through assimilating a number of additional emphases to produce an ever-richer combination of expertise. HRM is no revolution but a further dimension to a multi-faced role. While Personnel Management is supply-driven, HRM is demand-driven.

Personnel Management is directed mainly at the employees of the organisation finding and training them, arranging their pay and contracts of employment, explaining what is expected of them, justifying, what the management is doing and trying to modify any management action that could produce an unwelcome response from the employees.

In contrast, the human resource manager starts not from the organisation’s employees, but from the organisation’s need for human resources; with demand rather than the supply.

At first sight, a revolution seems to be taking place in Personnel Management all over the world. Not only are there major changes in practice which go far beyond the choice of this or that technique, there is also...

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