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Hris Review

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Riordan Manufacturing
Systems Analysis and Recommendations
BSA 502
February 21, 2011
Donn Leiske

Riordan Manufacturing: Systems Analysis and Recommendations
Riordan Manufacturing has been an industry-leader since 1992 in the design and manufacturing of plastic injection molding. Riordan is renowned for its excellence in the research and development of innovative plastic designs and products (i.e. plastic bottles, fans, heart valves, medical stents and custom plastic parts). With its state-of-the art design capabilities, Riordan distinguishes itself by striving to achieve and set the standard by which other plastics manufacturing companies are modeled (Apollo Group, Inc., 2004).
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, 2006).
Riordan’s executive staff retained the services of Learning Team A (LT A) to analyze its existing sales and marketing, Human Resources, and operations and logistics systems and to recommend improvements, replacements and implementations as needed. LT A has completed its review and analyses of the existing systems listed above and present its findings and recommendations in this paper.
Sales and Marketing Systems Review
Riordan Manufacturing does not currently employ a consolidated sales and marketing system. Historical data, marketing research, marketing plans, sales and production records and financial information is located in multiple, disparate databases, as well as maintained on paper files and microfiche.
Historical sales information is stored in electronic files and includes sales information such as dates of purchase, delivery and payments; products sold, the price paid, and customer purchase transactions. In addition, Riordan relies on past sales and marketing data to forecast future sales, continue successful strategies, and eliminate strategies that were unsuccessful. Riordan’s historical marketing research data and marketing plans are being stored and maintained manually in file cabinets (Apollo Group, Inc., 2006).
Sales information is managed individually by each member of the sales team. Individual sales members use varying methods to track his or her sales data to include manually (paper and pencil), electronically (sales management software) and a combination of manual and electronic. None of the sales members use a uniform method for tracking sales data. Production records are included in the production plan and tracks the number of units produced per item. The marketing department maintains profit and loss information through collaboration with the finance and accounting and operations divisions. The marketing department is responsible for the management of current and historical budget allocations. It is not clear as to how Riordan manages historical and current budget allocation information (Apollo Group, Inc., 2006).
From the information presented on Riordan Manufacturing’s Intranet site, it is clear that Riordan is in need of a standardized information management system to track its sales and marketing data, both historical and current. An information management system will assist the sales and marketing department in managing its data and allow other areas that are impacted by sales and marketing’s business processes to have access to the same information. The various systems currently in place make it cumbersome for anyone outside of the sales and marketing department to access sales data.
Sales and Marketing System Recommendations
Riordan will benefit from a comprehensive information management system that includes customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. A variety of third-party vendors offer stand-alone CRM software packages; however, Riordan requires a system that integrates finance and...

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