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Hr : Sexual Harassment Essay

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Based on the book, Manager’s Guide to Understand Sexual Harassment (Sept, 2001), the other role of manager in discouraging sexual harassment is by letting your staff know and understand what is sexual harassment is. So, the staff then will know the reason why it is unacceptable and why sexual harassment is serious. This is important for them to deal and tackle with those matters if it happens to them. For example in Sime Darby, the managers will make sure that all staffs have the knowledge and understand the policy of sexual harassment such as types of sexual harassment, action that should be taken, where and how to complains and what steps should be taken. In order to achieve the aims, the ...view middle of the document...

The identity will be kept as confidential. However, if the identity is needed, the investigation team will seek for consent. It is important because the investigations may be impacted if he or she does not provide its consent. Before any decision has been made, the complaints received will be fully identified and then they will proceed to investigation. This is to avoid any misunderstood or rumors that could happen such as defamation or the person maybe over sensitive about the nature behavior. The manager also needs to be fair as the manager need to be responsive and supportive to anyone who makes a complaint while at the same time treating the alleged harasser fairly. All the party should be treated fairly to prevent any of them feel avoided and discriminated. But if there is any problem over the complainant and alleged harasser in working together, the both party may have to be suspended. In Sime Darby policy, the both party still will receive a full pay for the duration of the investigation. The complainant nor the alleged harasser never been move or pressure them to move during the investigation period. The action will be taken if only it has been requested by any of the party.

One of the suggestions in order to discourage sexual harassment is by making yourself fully ready for any kind of those situations. Some of them tend to get panic if they have been harassed. They might lose control and lastly acted like they gave up and surrender to the problems. It seems like they giving the offender the gold medal by not fighting for their right whereas they can tackle the problem wisely for example, if you believe you have been harassed, you have to consult your supervisor or manager immediately, Orser,B. (2001), Sexual Harassment is Still a Management Issue. For example, any co-worker made sexually suggestive gestures in the presence of a colleague such as showing his or her private parts or touched you suggestively or grabbed you using physical force. If in case the incident occurred between you and your supervisor, you can put a complain in writing. A third person has to be brought into the investigation. You also should be aware of the appropriate person for discussion of your complaint. This to ensure the investigation is clean and transparent without having any fraud corruption. Waiting can often make the situation worse by hoping other to notice what had happen to you is not a good idea because the offender seldom harasses the victims in front of other co-worker. The other is, if you are not the one who has been harassed and this problem has multiple complainants, consider lodging together to take the pressure off one person and strengthen your case is a...

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