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Hr Outsourcing Essay

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HR Outsourcing at PepsiCo

HR Outsourcing

We all are aware with the truth that Human resources are the most crucial assets of every organization as the success of organization depends upon the management of its human resources. Ensuring the satisfaction of employees requires expert human resources department that is in reality a costly affaire for most of the organizations and due to this in present most companies are making decision regarding outsourcing their human resources management functions from offshore destinations (HR Outsourcing, 2008). Basically in this process of HR outsourcing an ...view middle of the document...

HR outsourcing play a significant role in PepsiCo as due to outsourcing it had become able in overseeing its human resources along with the use of particular activities like training, payroll management, employee database administration, employee withholding, employee benefits and a lot of other activities. This superb administration and management of company’s human resources was not likely for PepsiCo to manage on their own (Hunter & Saunders, 2007). By outsourcing HR functions, PepsiCo had become able in saving huge amounts of money and had become liberated with the difficulties that are usually implicated in upholding an internal HR department. With the help of HR outsourcing PepsiCo is capable to deliberate on their core competencies.

Relation between HR Outsourcing & Strategic HRM

The human resources of an organization involve all the employees who take part in its different business activities. Strategic Human Resource Management depicts the personnel policies and managerial practices and systems that persuade the workforce. These policies and systems include each and every aspect related with workforce like their recruitment, training, compensation, performance appraisal and evaluation (Bernardin, 2007). Strategic HRM is a field that deals with each and every aspect of employees and same is the case with HR outsourcing that is undertaken basically to assist a company in fulfilling the needs of their Human...

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