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Hr Foundations Essay

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Performance Review Takes a Page from Facebook
HRM500 – HR Management Foundations
May 12, 2013

Today’s workforce has evolved just as technology. The dynamics of the labor force consist of generational differences. These differences can support organizational success as well as cause its failure. What constitutes as a productive workforce are the tools provided by the employer. Performance management systems have become essential to the development, productivity and retention of top producers. It is imperative that employers understand the needs and listen to the concerns of their employees. The old way of conducting performance appraisals are no longer efficient because they are ...view middle of the document...

225). It is also done to discuss an employee’s developmental needs. Occasional conversations do not support the necessity of performance appraisals. They do serve a purpose and usefulness leading up to the evaluation but should not be the final means of evaluating an employee’s weakness and strengths or how they align with the organizations goals and values.
Providing feedback is an essential component during the review process. Constructive feedback identifies performance and behavior problems, this brings everyone to the same accord and gives the employee a basis of which to begin corrective measures. I do agree that casual conversations should take place between a manager and their employee’s, constant communication indicates manager’s interest and concern for an employee’s success. Managers who uphold the open door policy foster behavior that allows employees to receive constructive feedback and encourages them to freely discuss their personal concerns regarding development.
Eliminating formal performance evaluations would be a disservice to the organization and their employees’. The concept of evaluating performance can be insufferable, so it may be necessary for organizations to find alternatives to make the process more pliable. The process should fit in line with the culture of an organization. Planning for appraisals should not be rushed, but should be planned in a thoughtful and tactful manner. This is where HR plays a key role, through researching various performance evaluation methods HR can recommend, and implement a system that renders the best outcome and elevates any apprehension regarding performance evaluations.
Compare and contrast the possible effectiveness of the social network performance review to the following age groups: veterans, baby boomers, Generations X, and Gen Y.
To determine how effective social media network performance reviews would be on various generational groups one would first have to understand how each group is predisposed to receiving feedback.
Veterans (born 1925- 1945) also referred to as Traditionalists view their work environment and how they conduct themselves within that environment differently from other groups. Veterans are more conservative, they are not open to change if a system works they prefer to stick with it. In regards to receiving feedback veterans prefer face to face contact. Formal communication works better with this generational group, they want to meet with the person conducting the review to discuss their performance. They consider virtual communication to impersonal also constant performance assessments are not necessary as they tend to follow company policies and perform their duties as assigned. Social network performance reviews would not be effective if it is not followed by a personal face to face meeting.
Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) see themselves as leaders in the work environment. They are open to change, welcome new ideas and changes in policy...

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