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Hr Development Essay

480 words - 2 pages

Office Supervisor
Suggested Developmental Plan

Essential Functions

General category
Specific function
Recommended Courses
(Indicates take if needed]

1. Supervision of non-student employees
Supervises non-student employees:
Formal performance management;
Decision making or significant input into pay or hire/fire decisions; and
Decision making or significant input into other employment status decisions

PM100, 110, 120; MG520

HR Legal Foundations series; MG180; MG401, 501, &502;
(Teamwork series)ER345, MG101, MG201, MG380, HR560; MR140

2. Policies and procedures
Resolves and responds to questions about policies and procedures
CT200, CT300, OA100, OA110, ...view middle of the document...

e Banner Financial System
CT210 Intro to Research Accounting Banner Financial System
CT250 Reading Budget Balances in Banner
CT300 The Banner Human Resource System: Personnel & Payroll
CT500 Procurement and Payment Services Banner Boost_________________
HR295 Writing in Organizations
HR410 Basic Language and Writing Skills
HR420 Drafting, Editing, and Revising
HR560 Interpersonal Communication Skills
HR600 Communicating with Difficult People
HR910 Making Oral Presentations
HR920 Effective Listening__________________________________________
LG100-LG280 The Legal Foundations of Supervising University Employees
LO101 Lean Office________________________________________________
MG120 Professional Ethics
MG180 How to Interview
MG280 The Search Committee Process
MG510 Meeting Skills
MR200 Media Relations for Academic Professionals______________________
OA100 University Student Employment Services
OA110 The Student Employee Supervisors’ Workshop
OA200 How to Hire a Foreign...

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