How To Take Your Dog A Bath

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How to Take Your Dog a Bath

The fear of letting your dog out to use the restroom on a muddy day. Finding him covered in mud and there’s no time to set up an appointment with your dog’s groomer. You’ll just have to take it upon yourself to give him a bath. Foremost when wanting to take your dog a bath, be prepare for what’s to come! Don’t be scared just have control of the situation. Gather all the materials: shampoo, three towels, washcloth, dog brush, cotton balls, dog spray, treats, ear cleaner, container and hairdryer. By following these instructions, you’ll avoid a big mess.
First and foremost change into something you don’t mind getting wet or dirty. They shake a lot when their ...view middle of the document...

Once the tub is ready, give your dog a nice little treat. Then pursue on with rinsing him off with fresh tab water. Make sure you don’t pour the water from his head and down. Avoid putting water in his face because they’re frighten of it. You want them to feel as comfortable as possible. You’ll just be rinsing from his neck and down. Then get a wet washcloth and clean his face off. This is to protect his eyes and ears. You don’t want him catching an ear infection.
Wrap him up. You’ll either decide if blow drying or towel drying is best for your dog. If it’s your first time using a hairdryer on your dog, I recommend you to just turn on at low speed and see how your dog reacts to it. If your dog does fine give him a treat, to keep him calm. Remember your hairdryer must be on low heat and low speed. Give him a minute and then start blow drying. Therefore those who dogs can’t stand the blow dryer you’ll just have to towel dry him. Towel drying take a lot longer but it gets the job done.
After he’s completely dried, comb your dog’s hair. Start off with the back and the stomach side. Then the legs but be very gentle because they’re the most sensitive. Go up and down each leg. After that comb his tail and face. We always want to make sure there isn’t any knots. Going over a second time would be the best. Dogs don’t like being locked up in the restroom for so long. That’s why it’s important to treat him with another treat. Keeping them occupied with treats are a great way to having them in a good mode.
Once you’re done combing your dog. Take out the cotton balls and...

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