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I had a college friend in the 1960's who was a master test-taker. He would score 99 on any machine-graded exam that he took. But he was not that good a student. I asked him once what he wanted to do after he finished school. I shall never forget his reply: "I'm looking for a job that will pay me to take exams." That made sense!

I have also known very smart people who never do well on written tests.

What about you? How good a test-taker are you? If you usually get high grades, you are probably smart. If you don't get high grades, you may be smart. Or you may not be very smart. But if you have read this far, you're probably smart. Even if you're not, you're hard-working enough to get ...view middle of the document...

You may think that someone in 20 years -- or 5 years -- is going to care whether you got an A or a B. You're wrong. Only you will care -- maybe. You may imagine that some B+ student is on your tail ready to shoot you out of the sky. You have forgotten the...

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