How To Stop Excessive Shopping Essay

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The bad habit I choose to break could be excessive shopping for no reason.
There are many steps to do it. First, define the specific concrete terms. For example, if you want to stop the excessive shopping from an individual for no reason, instead of asking the individual to stop shopping, we can ask him or her to reduce the time and money: from 25 hrs and $1000 a week to 5 hrs and $200 a week.
The second step should be collecting the data about the behavior of the individual. So that it ...view middle of the document...

Reduce the shopaholic tendency by half and then reduce it further, because it will be shocking for the person’s system reducing it suddenly which may do more harm than good. Identify two other interesting things the individual like other than shopping. For example, dining or going to movies. Encourage the individual by reinforcing for dining or moving; punish them for not doing that. Thirdly, plan how to resist the temptations of shopping. If punishments are not working, have the positive talk to him and explain the rewards he may get if he performs well. Explain to him that the short term goals are chatting with friends, using internet, dining outside, or going to movies and the long term goals could be minimizing the shopping time and reducing the amount of money spent.
The fourth step is making the commitment to change. In this step, display the photos of the individual when he eat or when he watches the movies. Initiate a buddy system by telling the individual’s friends and family members about his commitment not to spend much money in shopping so that he will get reminded when he gets tempted to do shopping.
Finally, make the program last by keeping a track on the progress of the individual. Fix specific dates to do the post checks. Create a graph that progresses upward by noting when less time and money spent on shopping.

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