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How To Sew In Hair Essay

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Tamala Ruffin
ENG 1250
October 11 2014

How to do a sew-in weave

First, setup a work station so that you have all your supplies to be readily available. After the station is setup lay out all of the supplies that’s needed. The supplies that are needed for the service are at least two combs, a towel, clips, needle and thread, the hair, curling or flat irons (depending on the desired style that's to be achieved), oil sheen, and hair spray.
Next, wash and blow dry the client’s hair. After the hair is thoroughly dried you began the parting. Parting can vary depending the outcome that's to be achieved. For a more natural look, and versatility the desired parting would be four sections. At the very top of each section leave at least an inch of hair unbraided to cover up the weave wefts. Once the four sections are done, begin to braid each section making sure ...view middle of the document...

Place the cut weft on top of the braid, and began the process of sewing. Sew the thread in a criss- cross pattern for both tightness and security. Move to the other side of the back of the head and apply the same steps. Continue that process until you reach the top braid of the section you are working on. Apply that same step on the remaining sections. When finished with the sewing make sure that the hair is tightly secured by

going through each individual weft looking for gaps and loose edges, if you happen to come across a few, simply tighten them up by re-sewing that spot or section.
After, all the hair is sewn in blend in the hair that was left out with the weave hair for a more realistic look. Blending in the hair will need some hairspray and a small tooth comb. Once its blended start the cutting process if needed. If a cut is needed, cut the hair into the desired style to give it shape and add a little volume. In some cases the client might bring hair that’s already curled so you may not have to cut or style.
Next begin the process of curling or flat ironing the choice is made by the client, unless they want the stylist to do what they want themselves. Set the irons at a temperature that would not burn the hair or cause damage to the hair. Before starting the style section of the part of the hair that’s going to be curled, and spray some oil sheen on the hair to protect it from burning and also add shine. Be sure not to add too much oil because oil sheen causes the hair to become slicker and heavier and that can be unmanageable. With hair that is already pre-curled the best way to manage that is to apply a nice amount of mousse to control the frizzes and maintain the style of the curls.
Finally, analyze the hair, making sure that the style is what you were trying to achieve or if it needs to be recut anywhere throughout the entire head. If the outcome is satisfactory it’s done, and the client should be happy with the style.

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