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How To Manage Essay

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6. 12. 2012

The Analysis of Motivation Theory
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If we want to get better understanding about this power, we explain it, using motivation theory .If we conduct some research about historical famous person, we can easily see that these people invited novel things for their off springs, and contributed a lot to human beings.
Motivation theories play vital roles in different scenario such as education, business, medical field and so on. It is beneficial both individual `s growth and organizations development. Both individuals and organizations can not be isolated from this theory, because it provides individuals and organizations with theory guidance and strong power to achieve their action in positive aspect. It encourages individuals or organizations to keep going to acquire their goals.

Ethics of human life is need and satisfaction. Human beings have desire to different in natural world and social world and meeting the different needs require motivation. So it is clear that need creates motivation and if motivation is generated, which stimulates people to satisfy their need. Human beings are creator with feeling. A motivator has great impact on a person`s inner world unconsciously and the person` s attitude can change his or her behaviour, thus surroundings around the person can be effected by this person`s behaviour .So motivation, attitude ,behaviour ,surroundings have chain reactions.
In, general the basics of motivation theories are the relationship of attitude, needs, and behaviours. Motivation can be divided in to two categories according to its source of coming .Internal (intrinsic) motivation and external (extrinsic) motivation .First what is the definition of internal motivation? This kind of motivation comes from individuals even it is different person to person, basically it is closely related to a person `s personality, charactor, educational background, family background and the social environment he or she live .If a person can do what his or her likes to do whatever how many difficulties he or she face in the process of accomplishing it, which can ring great sense of achievement, sence of susses, and comfortableness. He or she is proved of his or her own success. A sense of personal accomplishment can be acquired by individuals` s internal motivation. So internal motivation is inevitable part of personal success, and such intrinsic motivation is a key for getting success and realizations of self_ fulfilment . Another motivation is called external motivation, that comes from outside an individual, this kind of external motivation is linked to foreign power, source of the power vary including award, financial aid, punishment, encouragement, medical insurance , pansion ,grade etc. For example workers are inspired by high salary, extra money in return for added work. Mine workers can be more comfortable and even work hard if excellent working atmosphere can be created for them such as instalment of central air conditioning system and fire prove safety working place. ...

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