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In a sunny day and hot weather as usual in summer season. Walking in street and
feeling thirsty would normally make you think about having a cold drink that can change
your mood and makes you feel cool. Milkshake would be the perfect choice for you.
Making a delicious milkshake is easy by following these three steps. First, prepare what
you need to have and use. Then, mix the ingredients. Finally, design and putting some
extra additions to the milkshake.
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the ingredients are milk, and ice cream. You have to choose the flavor you like the most,
such as vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream. Optional fruit, chocolate or caramel
syrup, and wiped cream.
After preparing what you need to use, now you have to follow these steps to make the
milkshake. Firstly, put one glass of milk in the blender. Next, add three scoops of ice
cream. Then, you might add some fruit to make strong flavor. For example, banana can
go with vanilla ice cream or strawberry with chocolate ice cream. After putting the
ingredients, mix the milkshake first at high speed then at low to make it medium
thickness. Do not forget to have the lid on the blender.
The final step is designing. First, adding your choice of syrup. Then, pour the
milkshake in the big glass. After that you might put wiped cream and cherry on the top.
Next, if you added some fruit while mixing the drink, you can put small slice on the
To sum up, everyone loves milkshake, but some does not know how simple is to make it. By following these easy three, steps: preparing what to use, mixing the ingredients and after that designing the glass, you can make a milkshake at home any time.

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