How To Guarantee Safe And Secure Use Of A Specialist Communication Channel

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How to guarantee safe and secure use of a specialist communication channel

Personal information is information that is just for you and nobody else. This could be an email address, a user name, credit card details etc. This helps ICT because it means that everyone will have a personal identification and they can log onto different sites using user specific details. Personal information is used on blogs to access you blogs and edit them. Personal information should not be given away because it would affect you by getting spam or people attacking your accounts and accessing everything you do. To avoid this you can be cautious with what details you give away and make sure things are safe and secure before entering any details.

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- Don’t arrange to meet someone that you have met online. Some people may not be who they say they are. 
- If you are contacted by someone that you are unsure of on a forum, contact the forum administrator. 
- Avoid sites that are meant for adults.

If there are any problems with other users bothering you, an enquiry can be made by going on customer support for help on problems. However Prezi is not a major threat since it is secure and has privacy settings to choose who views your presentations and if you put the relevant information there should not be any potential threats.

Prezi doesn’t need protecting because it is an online presentation site where you can choose different plans but also manage your own privacy settings depending on if you want everyone to view them or just your team you are working with. You agree to a term and policy so you are agreeing to their conditions meaning you are responsible for what you put on.

Encryption is also used in various places like ecommerce, remote access and wireless networking security to prevent eavesdropping and spoofing. Encryption, to my knowledge, is not used on Prezi because the ability to for business meetings where as it will be used for the government for example which needs the information to stay safe and secret so no one can view it. Firewall can stop you viewing certain presentations because it is protected and means others may not be able to view your own.
There are no backups to Prezi but you can save it to an USB stick to help you recover your work if it is ever lost. If you do not back up your work you run the risk of losing your work with no ability to retrieve it.
This website shows the padlock sign which mean it has high security and this will stop hackers and make the website a lot safer and more secure.

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