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How To Buy A Car Essay

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The Car Buying Market Today
To gain some perspective on the overall car market in the US, each year, approximately 213 million cars drive the streets of America. As for vehicles that are purchased annually, here are some interesting observations:
* Of all the vehicles purchased in the USA each year, 16 million are new and 41 million are used.
* Of all the used vehicles purchased by consumers:
one-third are from private parties
one-third are from franchised dealerships
one-third are from independent dealers
* 17 million used vehicles are sold to auctions each year.

How to buy a car
Don't head to the car dealership empty handed. If you want to make the dreaded process of buying a ...view middle of the document...

In addition, know your price range.
"People need to inform and educate themselves about different vehicles instead of relying on the salesperson pushing you into something you don't want or need," says Frank Martinez, owner of FM Autos in Visalia, Calif. "List your top three choices in a vehicle," he adds. This will prevent you from wandering aimlessly around the lot trailing the smell of fresh blood in front of the predator.
Make a list of the things you really want in an automobile. Is your main requirement a cup holder big enough to hold your bladder buster? Well, then this may not be as useful for you, but if you want a v6, power steering, a sunroof and CD player, you need to do your research.

1. Step 1

Unless you know exactly what type of automobile you want to purchase, browsing for cars/trucks would be a good jumping off point. Searching online can lead you to official websites with pictures and text about each auto. Check out local auto dealerships and walk around looking at different car or truck types, prices, colors. Lightly browsing for an auto can give you ideas about what you really want and don't want.
2. Step 2

Make a list about what features you need in an automobile. Ask yourself what the main use for the vehicle will be? What are your priorities? Consider safety, spaciousness, visibility, cost, projected image, cargo, horsepower, etc.
3. Step 3

Compare your top choices online. All major auto makers such as Honda, GMC, VW, Ford,...

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