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How Technology And Social Media Control Children And Adolescents

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Neyva Hernandez
Jeffery Runyon
December 11, 2013
How Technology and Social Media Control Children and Adolescents
Incredibly many people look at their phones throughout the day to see if they have a text-message, email, notification from social media, missed calls, or simply just because it has become an addiction. Technology has been changing over the years, and new apps and newer upgrades for electronic devices are being developed. High tech is advancing at an incredible rate. Consider how technology has expanded and evolved in the last ten years. How to manage this new phenomenon was not taught to us as children because it did not exist. Many children and adolescents born in ...view middle of the document...

Adults must use more cautious over this epidemic before they lament its influence.
Technology has overpowered our lives and deprived us of the need for human physical and face-to-face social interaction, therefore damaging our interpersonal social skills. Studies have shown that “young people ages 8 to 18…spent more than seven-and-half hours engaged in non-school-related technology [a day]” (Price- Mitchell 2). That means that most of that time they are checking their email, texting, tweeting, chatting with people from different countries in different social media such as Facebook, or playing online games with people from all over the world. Young people use these devices and social media more than they speak to an actual person. Are teens capable of conversing in person the same way they do while chatting and texting? When it comes to meeting people in person, adolescents do not know how to interact, or what physical gestures to do toward the person they are meeting. The amount of time they spend using these social media websites and devices causes teens to be more shy and anti-social. They no longer develop the physiognomy necessary when interacting in face-to-face situations.
Adolescents depend on technology more and more as time passes by. The Internet has every question already answered for them. Teens no longer have to go to the library to read a book to find out what happened on September 11, 2001. The moment they type September 11, 2001, in a searching website, such as Google, all kinds of sources, news, history, and images will show up in front of them on their monitor. “People can put out a problem, whether it’s ‘Where’s a good bar?’ or ‘What if I’m pregnant?’ and information pours in from all kinds of sources” (qtd. in Lewis). Adolescents do not need to struggle to get an answer to any question that they have; technology can do most of the work for them. If they do not know how to do a math problem, the Internet can help or give the answer. If they do not know how to fix something, the Internet can help them. If they want to learn how to activate something in their cars or phones, the Internet can help them; they no longer have to read the manual or instructions to solve problems for themselves. The Internet has all the information for their concern already consolidated for them. It is sad children depend on the Internet rather than tackling problems on their own. Why should they even bother to ask for the help of others or to get a book if they have the Internet that does the work for them.
Technology has incredibly increased that it is impossible to keep up with it. Most of us have more than five electronic devices at our homes. For example, we own a TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, iPod, or smartphone. How can we manage the time of usage to children and adolescents? Very self-isolated, children are not as active as children used to be years ago. New educational apps are being introduced to these electronic devices...

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