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How Social Media Effect Society Essay

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Have you asked yourself what is social Media? Well after researches and articles social media is networking site where people get together and interact using a highly open and scalable communication techniques. Social media are media for social communication, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques, it is mostly a web based, like face book, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Google. Also Social media can be more than web based for example text messaging, news papers, and using cell phone. The Social media had brought a lot and it had brought more good than harm. In this easy I am going to discuss the impacts of social media to our day to day life.
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Social media is done by an individual or groups of individuals for a product or service. Also is used for non- profits as well as political awareness or personal interest. According to the book authors Casebier, Allan, and Janet J. Casebier.“Social Responsibilities of the mass media”. Print. Page xiii. They said that “everyone acknowledges that the mass media have social responsibilities, but how far do such responsibilities extend? That’s so true and hard to see it in this way.
The term social media has been used widely a lot and for so many purposes, it loses its meaning. Social media is the tools we are using for communication and interacting. You can also say social networking. Although the term social media is new, no buddy knows the exact day it started. We need to look further back in human history, than we might find out when it starred.
The big question is what is the issue? Nearly 2 million people have their identity stolen and it will increase over the years. 39% of people trust there social networking sit with their information. “According to the Gartner study the 2006 victim population was at 15 million victims. That means every minute about 28 ½ people become a new victim of this crime or a new victim in just over 2 seconds. Studies on the total cost of identity theft vary”. We have to be a wear what we share with other people and what we put in to social networking sits. Your identity is very important and you can lose a lot if become a victim.
Many hackers try to get your information as possible as they can. There are many ways they can figure it...

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