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How Project Management Can Improve Service Delivery

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Introduction 3
Service Delivery of Basic Education Curriculum Reform 4
Project management in Education Curriculum Reform 5
In Conclusion 6
Reference 7

Effective project management is the clear back bone to service delivery. Governments in the vastness of their administration requirements are often unable to maintain either everyday or random tasks of service delivery. This could be due to various reasons, such as; lack of communication, misunderstanding the chain of command, individuals or groups being appointed to complete such tasks that have insufficient knowledge and/or authority required for the fulfilment of such tasks etc. etc.

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This implies that all teachers should be educating the pupils of their schools in more or less the same fashion. So this also then means that all educators should have more or less the same training. And there should also be a type of forum, or review panel that monitors what is going on inside of our classrooms.

The major problems here lie with ineffective allocation of funding, teachers being appointed that have outdated education techniques, and there being no form of management to ensure that the Curriculum is similar across the board of Education.

The Minister of basic Education ( Angie Motshekga ) has said:
“Curriculum reform is not something that the education ministry takes lightly. My message from the onset of the curriculum review process has been that we need to work against change fatigue to build confidence and enthusiasm among all our stakeholders.

It is vital that South Africans are kept abreast of the progress of the curriculum review process so that all education stakeholders can take ownership of the process. Public consultation is vital and we stand firm on the principle of an open and transparent process.

We are proceeding deliberately and decisively to effect the broad recommendations of the Ministerial Committee. At the same time, we need to deal quickly and efficiently with curriculum implementation challenges and difficulties that exist. We have already started the process of identifying problems and have taken the necessary steps to find solutions. We have and will continue to make changes on an on going basis where they can be made with minimal disruption.”

Project management in Education Curriculum Reform

At this moment in time, the infrastructure that governs over this type of service delivery is not running optimally. The chain of command and flow of important information is often not suitably transparent, and this allows for cracks in the system that often leads to mismanagement and at times even corruption.

School divisions, are linked to area government, area government linked to local government, local linked to regional and in turn regional feeds through to national government presided over by the current minister.

In this complex hierarchy, often it is extremely difficult to ascertain which party is responsible or has the necessary authority to perform certain tasks.

Project management, in this...

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