How Lucky You Are Essay

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How Lucky You Are

Forbidden love is one of the hardest things, you can ever experience, as a human being. The fact that you love someone, and they love you back, but you can and will never be together, because of religion, culture or other sorts of factors. This is what Max and Ishraqi is experiencing, but they will never be together, because of their different backgrounds.

Forbidden love, is truly one of the worst things that can ever happen to you. Have you ever thought about, or considered how lucky you are? You live in a free country. You have the right to be with anyone you’d like. Not everybody have that privilege. That’s the main theme of the text. The writer, Debi Alper, is ...view middle of the document...

She met Alexsa, and she helped her find a place to stay at an Iranian family. She is around the same age as Max. She speaks very good English, although she has only been speaking it for 1 and half year. As it says so here: “Her English was good – better than most of Max’s London-born friends – and had an accent he thought only added to her cuteness factor”

Max’s relationship with his mother is pretty good. He loves her, and he is very angry with his father for just leaving them right there. It had been a rough year for him; he started out really enthusiastic about everything, especially the new school. But I think that when his father left, he hit an all-time low. This can probably all be tracked back to his father leaving Max.
I think that the environment, in which they live, is middle to upper class. Max can afford to go to a special school The Brit School, which is for special kids with special talents.
The story really takes place at the UK borders Agency, this is where Max met Ishraqi, and where Ishraqi has to apply for asylum and refugees. It also takes place at Max’s own house. He thinks back to the day he met Ishragi.

The short story is being told in past tense, the storyteller is an omniscient third person storyteller. We look back at what has happened, through Max’s eyes. The language which is being used by the narrator is regular language, it’s not modern nor old, I would characterize it as “writing language”. But the lines are not formal, more street language, modern language: “You’re mad, y’know?” and “S’all right?” The writer writes the lines like they are said in real life on the streets....

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