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How Irwins Can Improve Their Brand Loyalty

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Professor Mark Durkin
| gROUP 18Bronagh Mageean B00632875Ciaran Brooks B00620903Conor Grant B00588487James McKegney B00612383Niall McGarry B00618380Digital Marketing (MKT512)Word Count: 2998 |

Professor Mark Durkin
| gROUP 18Bronagh Mageean B00632875Ciaran Brooks B00620903Conor Grant B00588487James McKegney B00612383Niall McGarry B00618380Digital Marketing (MKT512)Word Count: 2998 |

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Our main objective is to create and provide an appropriate digital marketing strategy so that Irwin’s are able to take it forward and use it in future. Throughout the remainder of this report we will highlight any problems we see, working through each stage of the design school methodology to find an appropriate solution and digital marketing strategy for Irwin’s.


The institute of Design at Stanford describes the “empathise” mode as the “Centre piece of a human-centred design process, it is the work you do to understand people within context of your design process.”
It is crucial that the digital strategy designed meets these needs as closely as possible for both parties (Irwin’s and the target consumer). The target type client will occasionally have time to browse online digital communication sources such as social media sites and mother’s blogs. She is highly likely to be a digital tourist however overtime will become a digital native which according to IGI Global describes the generation of students born into the digital age who are much more adept at using ICT than their counterparts from prior generations.
The following are an important set of needs that need considered for both parties before implementing a new digital strategy. From the target consumer point of view, the price and quality of the product are vital due to the fact the target consumer will be looking to budget for her family and seek to purchase a product that may be known as the “healthy selection”, it is useful to educate the public on the health and benefits of Irwin’s products. Increasingly people, especially the target consumer are using digital sources to purchase food on-line. From Irwin’s point of view, they must ensure sales levels and market share in Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland are not just maintained but show positive signs of improvement for future times with these new innovations.
When the information gathered in needs is synthesized, core ideas emerge. The ideal customer is intrigued in a quality product, price and value for money are important, as in ease of access to purchase the product. The ideal customer will attract importance to the fact that Irwin’s is a local company from Northern Ireland. Irwin’s are interested in ensuring customer satisfaction, hence continued and indeed increasing business combined with brand image and loyalty. According to K.L. Keller the brand image is the sum of impressions that affects how consumers perceive a brand and identify or differentiate the brand from others. Brand image can also be defined as consumer’s perceptions of a brand as reflected by the brand associations held in consumers’ memory (1993).


The challenges facing Irwin’s when attracting today’s consumer include issues such as the growth in the current bakery market in Ireland, deflation reaching a new low of -1.7% due to large supermarkets focusing their strategies on offering customers the best value. Maintaining brand...

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