How Important Was The Usa’s Entry Into The World War One To The Outcome Of The War?

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How important was the USA’s entry into the World War One to the outcome of the war?

The USA’s entry to the war was the final blow to the German Empire after fighting three years against Britain and France. It accelerated the progress of the war in 1918 and broke the stalemate. However, American was not the reason why German lost the war itself. Other factors, such as British blockade and two front war, were equally important with American’s entry to the war.

Agitated by the Zimmerman cable, sent from Germany to Mexico, American government found an excuse to enter the war and broke the isolationism, which was the idea that kept American away from the European affair. The American ...view middle of the document...

American entry of the war was an important reason that forced General Ludendorff to gamble and carried out the Spring Offensive. Even though the offensive broke the stalemate, it was a complete failure for Germany. The supply line could not keep up with the rapid advance and the German soldiers wasted too much time on capturing food from French shops due to malnutrition. Over 800,000 casualties was caused to German army during the advance. The failure of the offensive gave Allies chance to counterattack. Holding the advantage of American manpower and industry, the counterattack overwhelmed Germany and pressed it to surrender. Therefore, American entry to the war promote the stalemate to be broken and diminished the chance for Germany to win the war.

Nevertheless, American was not the only reason for the failure of Germany in World War One. There were other events and failures that hold Germany in a disadvantage position. The Unsuccessful Schlieffen Plan shaped the two front war, which was the situation that German strived to avoid. Under the two front war, Germany was unable to concentrate its force on one front but needed to divided it to fight against Russian instead.

Also, the British Blockade caused significant losses to Germany. Since Britain blacked Germany’s access to the sea, it couldn’t trade with its colonies and American companies. The supplies for the army and the civilians were therefore limited. The effect became severe during the winter in 1917....

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