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How Has The Internet Affected Sex Addiction

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Running head: How has the Internet Affected Sex Addiction

How has the Internet Affected Sex Addiction
Edward Vega Jr.
National University

Sex addicts have plenty to struggle without adding the access to their wildest fantasies. That is what the Internet has given them. Addicts can get online and search pornography, cybersex sites and sites where they can find people to meet up with. The Internet makes it that much easier for sex addicts because just like any other addict they are ashamed of their addiction but with the Internet they do not have to worry about it cause they can do whatever they want from the comfort of their own home. What we need to understand is that sex ...view middle of the document...

Addicts use the Internet as their tool to find sex partners. Many spend most of their time on the Internet exploring erotic Web sites. The Internet changed the way in which people communicate. When they get the urge they have the ability to look up anything they want from pornography, sex cams to chat rooms.
Not long ago we were figuring out how to use the World Wide Web and now we have everything we want at our fingertips in the comfort of our own home. In Shadows Of The Net written by Patrick Carnes Ph.D., David Delmonico Ph.D. and Elizabeth Griffin M.A., estimates about 322 million internet users spread over 120 countries. Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling estimates that 17 to 37 million Americans struggle with sex addictive disorders. In recent years, the Internet pornography business has grown to an estimated 13-billion-dollar industry (Ropelato, 2006), with nearly 50% of all Internet use related to sexually oriented websites (McNair, 2002) (Psychological Record, 2012).

Figure 1 Pornography Revenue Statistics showing the financial growth during 2005 and 2006. (ToptenReviews, 2003-2007)
Many addicts fill their need by placing an ad on an erotic Web site. In their ad, they included pictures, physical details and sexual fantasies. More times than not they will change their names partly to secure their identities and partly because just like any other addict they are ashamed in what they are doing. Addicts will also do whatever it takes to make sure family and friends do not find out or at least see them participating in their addiction. They do this in fear of being judged or forced to deal with their addiction.
The convenience of sexually oriented Web sites on the Internet gives the sex addict immediate access to potentially dangerous people. The seeker can become a victim of a sexually related crime but because they cannot beat the urge to have sex they give no second thought to the dangers they might face. This behavior is often accompanied by other addictions such as drinking, drugs and eating disorders. The sex addict engages in sex to feel better about them self. They became so consumed with this feeling that they soon avoid their responsibilities; work, family, school etc.
Things like cybersex and sex shops have a big impact on marriages, families and even the addict themselves. “Consumers of cybersex may manifest changes in sleep patterns, demands for privacy and isolation, disregard for responsibilities, changes in personality, loss of interest in partner sex, and decline in relationship investment—all of which impact one’s spouse and family (Young et al., 2000)” (Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 2008). Addicts worry so much about getting their “fix” that they never stop and think about the people around them. It is no longer come home from work and cook dinner or help around the house, it is all about coming home from work and getting on the best porn site or sex cam.
Most families get use to a routine...

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