How Does Knowledge Of The Foundations And History Of Nursing Provide A Context In Which To Understand Current Practice?

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Knowing the history and foundations of nursing helps me understand better about my profession of nursing. I understand how the nursing job was started and evolved over time and see where I am from the historical standpoint. The study of history focuses on not just the chronology of events, but also the impact and influence on a society and the nursing profession by those events throughout ages. It helps us better understand the societal forces and issues confronting the nursing profession continuously and also allows us better appreciate the role of the profession in the healthcare system (Egenes, 2009). By studying the history and fundamentals of nursing, I have learned that my work is in continuation of many people’s hard work and dedication and am able to identify the trends in the nursing profession.
The first notable and interesting trend in nursing over the course of history is that the nursing profession was ...view middle of the document...

The training and education in nursing have greatly improved over time. In the earliest days, nurses learned their skills through oral traditions passed from generation to generation, from observations of others caring for the sick, and many times, through a process of trial and error. Florence Nightingale, recognized as the founding mother of modern nursing, had great influence in forming formal training and education by helping nursing become organized practice. Nurses received training mostly from hospitals during the 1800s and started receiving education from colleges and universities starting late 1800s and early 1900s. These days, nurses are required to attend colleges and licensed due to the specialization of nursing practices and advancements of technologies.
Technology has changed and improved over time greatly as well. There were more complex and increasing needs of patient populations over time, and with the expansion in the knowledge of science in the 19th century, the medical industry observed great invention of medical tools and equipment. With advent of Information Technology in the 20th century, there are more sophisticated tools, machines, and equipment. I work with robotic surgery at my hospital these days, and I truly feel the great change in the technology compared to the beginning of my nursing career 20 years ago.
Learning these trends was fascinating to me. I became more proud of my career as a nurse, but also I realized that being a nurse requires continuous learning. I should look for an opportunity to influence or contribute to the society with the knowledge I gain from work and school. I am glad I have chosen to be a nurse.

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