How Does Ifrs Benefits Australia Essay

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The process of adopting the IFRS in Australia has led to some significant changes to some accounting standards and minor changes in others. A number of countries throughout the world are now undergoing a similar process as they too adopt the IFRS regime. However, a single global set of accounting standards has not been achieved as the United States continues to apply its own Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US-GAAP) as ...view middle of the document...

As noted above research is expected beyond the study material and prescribed textbooks. The Monash electronic library databases “ABI Inform” and “Business Source Premier” are a useful source to locate scholarly and other resources, but other databases exist also. Please note that in general, websites should not be used as authoritative sources.

Criteria for assessment:
Introduction: Identification of topic, key issues, concepts Discussion (structure of argument, quality and use of research) Conclusion Presentation (editing, grammar, language, referencing) 20% 60% 10% 10% 100%

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