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Learning is part of development and based on how well a person learns , may become more or less successful in life . People have preferences to different learning styles and techniques and they may favor one style or use multiple styles. There is no right or wrong mixture. You can have the ability in less dominant styles and also improve on a well develop styles that, you already use .If you recognize and understand your own learning styles, you can use those techniques better .At the end , by doing that you will improve the speed and quality of your learning.

The seven different learning styles are:
• Visual (spatial): for those who prefer to use pictures, images, and spatial ...view middle of the document...

For example ,the preparation for my CCRN certificate became successful ,because my study was based on recorded audio cassette .I was able to listen to them at home and on my way to work.
Kinesthetic learning style is my lowest and weakest one probable, because I don’t like to use my body and sense of feel and touch to learn about things in my surrounding. If something is bothering me ,my attention is devoted to the problem until is solved. I am not able to concentrate on other activities or distract myself such as running or walking .

Visual style, is my preferred. Using images, maps, pictures and colors , helps me organize the information needed in my learning and communication with others. I have a good sense of direction and like to use maps and graphics . Visualizing objects, plans and designing outcomes is not problem for me at all .
My aural score is not the highest ,but I like to work with sound and music. My sense of pitch and rhythm is pretty good. In my childhood, I use to sing and play the guitar of front of people and participate in school events .When I hear sounds of different instruments , I cold indentify them and always recognize the music playing in the background ,when watching TV or movies .

My Learning Style Weaknesses unfortunately are multiple. The first ...

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