How Did The Roman Army And The Application Of Roman Law Serve To Transmit Roman Culture And Values In The Provinces (Areas)? You May Address Topics Such As Language, Veteran’s Settlements, Citizenship, Marriage, Gender,

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How did the Roman army and the application of Roman law serve to transmit Roman culture and values in the provinces (areas)? You may address topics such as language, veteran’s settlements, citizenship, marriage, gender, legal principles and other social concepts. 
Prior to the Roman Republic the Etruscans conquered Rome, owning the mainland and its people which had a major influence the Roman civilization. Rome was turned into a city and the Romans had now adopted the Eutruscans alphabet, fashion and its army as well as introducing trade. The Roman army especially had an influence on the Growth of civilization when peace was established during the Pax Romana. Such peaceful conditions also ...view middle of the document...

However, not only was there civilisation affected by the Roman army but also the fashion, language and trade routes. The peaceful conditions promoted the growth of native towns into cities which lead those cities to copy Roman styles of dress, language, architecture, and local government would earn Roman citizenship for their towns(Mirza 1999). Finally, with extended periods of peace, the Roman army spent much of its time building an excellent system of some fifty one thousand miles of paved roads stretching across the empire. While these roads' original purpose was to facilitate the rapid movement of Roman troops to trouble spots, they also promoted trade and the influx of Italian merchants into the towns of the western provinces. 
During the Roman Republic, women had no rights especially when it came to marriage. However it wasn’t until the end of the Republic did women gain some rights to retain control over their own money and the choice of a divorce if desired. At the age of fourteen a Roman girl was considered ready for marriage. Her father or pater familias would choose a husband and conduct the required arrangements with the groom’s family as economic considerations and inter-family relations were far more important than love (Thompson 2010). When married into poorer families raising children and managing the home were her most important jobs where as women from upper class families had slaves which were expected to do it for her. Throughout most of the history of the Roman Republic marriage transferred a woman from the authority of her father to the authority of her husband or her husband's father or grandfather, if he were alive (Thompson 2010). In theory that control extended even to life and death, but in reality it was limited to economic matters. In the time of Augustus a law was passed forbidding the pater familias from refusing his consent without showing valid reason. Both parties had to be adult. Both man and woman had to be unmarried. The contracting parties could not be closely related. Marriage was forbidden between Roman and non-Roman citizens, which affected Roman civilization (Thompson 2010).
To the Romans, religion was a contractual relationship between mankind and the forces which were believed to control people’s existence and well-being. The result of such religions attitudes was mainly the significant influence on political and military events of which outlasted the republic. (O’conelle, 1999) Most of the Roman Gods and Goddesses were a blend of several religious...

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