How Can African Countries Harness The New Relationships With China And India?

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China and India have become the most important economic partners of Africa and their footprints are growing by leaps and bounds, transforming Africa's international relations in a dramatic way. Although the overall impact of China and India's engagement in Africa has been positive in the short-term, partly as a result of higher returns from commodity exports fuelled by excessive demands from both countries, little research exists on the actual impact of China and India's growing involvement on Africa's economic transformation.
China and India are seeking many of the same goals in the African continent. Due to this there are a number of similarities in their foreign policy. Both use ...view middle of the document...

Both China and India have been able to thrive in Africa as a result of liberalization reform policies imposed by the IFIs during the Structural Adjustment period of the 1980s. This has allowed China and India to penetrate African markets and resource sectors whilst increasing both their imports and exports with the continent exponentially. Furthermore, by contrasting their motives of solidarity, mutual-benefits and a fairer international trade system with a more negatively viewed West with neo-imperialist intentions China and India have been able to portray themselves in a positive light whilst validating their rhetoric of mutual gains, respect for sovereignty and equality between recipient and donor.
Tri-angular partnerships between Western donors and China and India have been trialed recently in the DRC combining China’s expertise in infrastructure provision with DFID’s assistance in helping the national government introduce important social and environmental safeguards.Tri-angular partnerships have also been utilized in the treatment of Malaria and HIV / AIDS, combining the relative expertise of India, DFID and The Clinton Foundation (Mitchell, 2011). Whilst the impact and effectiveness of these are yet to be realized, it signifies a productive move by both China and India to develop their development assistance beyond their own economic interests, and into more beneficial areas that promotes longer-term social, environmental and political development
Whether this is being done in order to counter Western and African criticism, or in order to make Chinese and Indian aid more productive for the recipient, it recognises that there is the possibility for traditional donors to engage in development assistance projects with non-DAC donors, even if they are not co-opted formally into the international development community.
Other progressive steps include China and India’s technical assistance programs. These are highly commended by the UNDP Special Unit for South-South Cooperation, and avoid problems commonly associated with traditional donor’s technical assistance programs.
China and India’s assistance in these areas is regarded as highly applicable to the needs of developing countries, highly participatory and demand driven. Seeing as there is much overlap in regards to the countries that emerging donors and traditional donors deal with, a tri-angular approach that emphasizes their different strengths could be formulated, producing development programmes which are applicable and relevant to developing countries whilst maintaining effective standards for reforms.
Trade between China, India and Africa China and India’s growth trajectory has affected the world economy in two major ways.First, it has boosted prices of primary commodities and secondly, the two countries have become the factories of the world by...

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