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How Bias Influences Critical Thinking Essay

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How Bias Influences Critical Thinking

Natasha Rosser


September 23, 2012

Professor Adrienne Courtney

A decision that I recently made that was influenced by bias was the decision to attend a Muslim ceremony at a Mosque. I did not grow up with my natural father and he is of the Muslim faith. In an attempt to try to establish a father- daughter relationship, he invited me to the Mosque where he attends holy services. I did not really know much at all about the Muslim faith because I ...view middle of the document...

Lastly, I had the idea that they would try to kidnap me and send me to Afghanistan to become a servant.
After I got over my immediate concerns, I thought about the situation on a deeper level. I was obviously being culturally bias and basing my ideas about the Muslim faith on things that I had heard, read about or seen in movies. I had no real evidence to support my arguments on why I should not attend. Besides, this would be the opportunity that I had longed for since I was a little girl; the opportunity to know my real father.
I made the decision to attend the ceremony. To my surprise, the service was nothing like my previous thoughts had been. I did not have to wrap myself up like a mummy, but I did have to take off my shoes in order to come in. I did not have to sit quietly all day long in corner all alone, because my father introduced me to everyone after service was over. Conclusively, they did not try to kidnap me and take to Afghanistan to live as a servant, but they did take me out to eat a Golden Corral for dinner (minus the pork of course).

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