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Hot Topic Essay

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Breastfeeding versus Bottle feeding has been a long time controversy. Studies has been done on young, first time mothers, shown that the decision-making on whether to breast or bottle feed was based on social influences and was not the best choice for the mother and her child (Wambach & Koehn). These young mothers need the facts. Is breastfeeding healthier for one’s child? Does the child receive enough from the mother? Is bottle feeding the cause in overweight children? Does bottle feeding really cause children’s teeth to decay? How do mothers know if her child is getting enough from breastfeeding? Is bottle feeding really measured out? These are all questions that mothers and ...view middle of the document...

Before the introduction to formula feeding, breastfeeding was the very popular choice for feeding babies up until the 20th century when woman left the home to work. According to The Legacy of Scientific Motherhood (2010), at the beginning of the 20th century, psychologists and physicians were convince that babies developed best if they were raise according to hard and fast rules. The medical and psychological communities began advising mothers that they must gain control over the infant and show him that she is the master. "The medical profession sought to regulate the breastfeeding process for women, imposing arbitrary rules with little physiological basis."
Theories circulated and caused parents to think twice about breastfeeding. One theory in particular, came from Sigmund Freud who mistakenly related sexuality and normal childhood genital touching to adult mental illness and crime. Breastfeeding were suddenly seen as a sexual act and was banned as unhealthy. This idea of combining breastfeeding and sexuality carries over to today. However, history continue on its course, giving mothers’ the choice to bottle or breastfeed regardless of what theories or ideas doctors or scientists came up with. Today clinicians, public health advisors, nutritionists and others have been attempting to increase breastfeeding rates with varying degrees of success (Amir, 2011).
Breastfeeding is known to be the greatest things that have ever happened to a child and his or her mother. Research has shown that the act of breastfeeding a child comes with many benefits; many of which greatly outweigh the benefits of bottle feeding. In both the United States and countries abroad, it has been proven that breastfeeding is the ideal method of feeding an infant. Studies show that breastfeeding provides the child with more than the necessary nutrients it needs, where other methods are simply to imitate those same results. Berk (2010) states that, “because of these benefits, breastfed babies in poverty-stricken regions are much less likely to be malnourished and 6 to 14 times more likely to survive the first year of life. Even breastfeeding for just a few weeks offers some protection against respiratory and intestinal infections, which are devastating to young children in developing countries.”
The benefits are so overwhelming that mothers around the world were encouraged to breastfeed their babies that is unless they have some type of infection that can be pass on to the baby through the breast milk (Berk, 2010). A list of health-related breastfeeding benefits includes, but is not limited to:
1. Perfect balance of nutrients
2. Milk is easily digested and absorbed
3. Helps ensure healthy physical growth
4. Protects against many diseases (infections and allergies)
5. Protects against faulty jaw development and tooth decay
6. Smoothes the transition to solid foods
7. Breast fed infants have a lesser tendency to be overweight
8. Contracts...

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