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Horror Story Essay

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The text message
“Hurry up hurry up! We are getting late to school Alice!” said my sister. Oh, God! I just wanted to stay under the duvet for a little longer. But after two minutes I could hear my sister telling mum that I was still in bed, so I had to get up. I took a t-shirt and a pair of jeans from the wardrobe. I’m one of those who don’t care about how I look. That’s the big difference between me and my sister. I am so different and sometimes I feel like I don’t belong to this family. When I finally decided to go down to the kitchen I realized that I forgot to tell my mum that I wouldn’t be for dinner today. She is going to freak out! Well, I got to the kitchen and mum had already made ...view middle of the document...

I wasn’t that happy because I was supposed to eat dinner with my friends. But it could have been worse.
Then it was four o’clock and we finished class. I took my school bag and decided to go to the hall where the party was supposed to be located. There were a lot of people hanging up some decorations with spiders and web. Already at that moment I just wanted to go home. Halloween doesn’t mean anything to all these people. They have no idea of what the story behind the tradition is about! They just want to have a party with some nice costumes. Then a girl with a long blond hair called for me and I didn’t have any other option than try to be nice and helpful. The girl told me to take the pumpkins from a lorry, which was parked outside, and place them all around the room. I’ve never seen that many pumpkins in one place in my whole life. There were almost a hundred! We finished at seven o’clock, but I had to come back later to serve drinks during the party.
I biked home quickly to eat something with Jessie and mum. They asked me about what I was going to do tonight and I answered the true. Mum got mad because I was late again and made me promise that I wouldn’t be late again. My sister gave some clothe I could use as a costume and we went together to the party. On the way I asked Jessie about the text message. But of course she answered that it wasn’t her. Who could it else be?
The party started and I had to stand two hours behind a table serving drinks. It was really boring until I could feel the vibrator of my cell phone. I got another text message. “Meet me at midnight at the playground behind the school. I have to tell you some...

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