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Hooking Up Essay

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Hooking up
Institution Affiliation

Premarital sex is a prevalent issue dominant mainly in those aged between their late teens and their mid-twenties. In the contemporary society, it not only dominates relationships but it has also presented itself in the form of casual sex between people who are not in a relationship with one another also known as hooking up. Despite hook ups being very evident among college students, they are not limited to students per se. Different cultures and people view the participants in hookups from diverse moral perspectives, in this essay, we shall evaluate the role hookups and its effects on the esteems and reputations of both men and women, the ...view middle of the document...

Relating a man to matters concerning sexual activity has been more of appraisal and chances for the man himself to brag. Men are considered to be more ‘manly’ when they have casual sex with more ladies with the effect on their reputation being positive and it somehow improves their social status since they are seen as possessing the ability to conquer and woe many ladies (Armstrong, Hamilton & England, 2010).
Ladies who give in or partake to casual sex are viewed from a different perspective. They are seen as loose since they fall for any man hence they are taken as whores dwindling their quality in the society. According to Armstrong, Hamilton & England (2010), ladies lose their place as respected members of a society once they have casual sex to the extent of being undermined by those they have it with. Taking a perfect example of a key which opens many locks is taken as a precious possession to the owner while a lock which can be unlocked by many keys is taken as a security risk.
Despite its popularity, hooking up has not fully replaced intimacy in relationships with differences arising that define the latter. Intimacy is the consensual sex between two adults with or without commitment to each other after the act. Hookups at times leads to relationships and vice versa which can be taken as a cue for the difference between intimacy in hookups and in relationships. For intimacy to be, there necessitates full satisfaction and totality in giving in to the act which are two aspects whose presence in hookups are limited (Armstrong, Hamilton & England, 2010). The level of exclusivity in relational sex is an enhancing factor in the level of attachment and therefore the intimacy of the act.
Women have definitely benefited more from sex in relationships than casual sex. They have registered higher levels of sexual satisfaction from relational sex other than from hookup sex. Sex in relationships has an oral aspect which is more reciprocal in relational sex while the oral aspect in hookup sex is male dominated implying that women are more likely to give than receive oral sex in non-relational sex (Armstrong, Hamilton & England, 2010).
The author of the song Summer Loving used in the movie GREASE uses various expressions to relate how men and women...

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