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Honoring America's Military Heroes

Being a citizen of America is great but when I think of our military heroes that are fighting for my freedom is a whole another level. These men and women are dying every day, nothing could compare our veterans to that. This country stands unified, red white and blue with beautiful stars, that’s you. Honor our Americans Veterans whether they’re living or deceased, they’re on land, air, sea, during a war, and or setting up a democracy ...view middle of the document...

How could we not appreciate waking up every morning to a free nation? I feel we should honor them and pray for them every day because every day they do their job is another day of freedom for the United States. Could you imagine being afraid to worship as you please, having to cover your face in public, not being able to vote, go to school, become a lawyer or teacher, or even not having freedom of speech. You can be whatever you want to be in this nation, a free country that our military men and women fought for and still is. The things I see on TV, I couldn’t imagine being beaten in public, hung, or put in prison for doing things that are you’re certain unalienable rights? Without our military defending our freedom, we would be in serious danger of losing every freedom we enjoy and should treasure.
So, I say go to any event that’s going on for our veterans, like parades, salute our flag, donate to the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and any other organizations that support our troops. Thank them when you see them out in public, it doesn’t hurt to say “Thank you”. I like my freedom, Do you like yours? I want to thank our military heroes who defend my freedom everyday and remember this country stands unified, red white and blue with beautiful stars that’s you!

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