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Homo Essay

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Acceptance of Homosexuality in the Society

Recently, there has been growing interest in homosexuality. According to, homosexuality is a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex. In Merriam Webster dictionary, It is a sexual interest in and attraction to the same sex as one has. To some part of the world, like Greece and rome, religions such as Jewish, Christian and Muslim, believes that homosexuality is blasphemy or a sin rather. There has been this topic whether homosexuality should or should not be accepted in the society. The topic has been viral all over the world that ...view middle of the document...

According to David F. Greenberg’s book, The construction for homosexuality, Dr. Robert Kronemayer (1980) would say, Homosexuality is a symptom of disturbed persnonality. From the Eye of the Beholder, William Blackstone from England said that homesexuality is a crime against nature. People share different opinions about the certain topic. Yet the questions are, how true is the allegations of the people about homosexuality? How would it affect the views of the people on the thought of accepting the homosexual individuals?
The researchers have conducted a study to this matter to show how people nowadays deal with homosexual individuals and their views about the certain matter. The said topic had been viral to the social networking sites, media, and even in the government that the researchers had decided to put it on a paper. The catholic church also had certian views about homosexuality. It is the talk of many places from different parts of the country and even different parts of the world.
The topic chosen will tackle about how well homosexuals are accepted in our society today. This will show how people look to a homosexual and what are their opinions about same sex relation or same sex marriage. This will open the mind of every individual about the rights that a homosexual have. The topic will cover the principle of a heterosexual on viewing the concept of a homosexual relationship.

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