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Homework On The Clock Essay

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Business ethics

Homework on the Clock

The first thing that becomes obvious to me when watching this video, is that the employee here has lost his drive to succeed in his current position. Regardless of one’s drive to better themselves and further their education, it should be apparent to anyone that still values their current employment, that doing homework on company time is not a good way to go about it. He completes his work in an “auto-pilot” like mode, performing his routine required actions, but his mind and his intentions are elsewhere. ...view middle of the document...

I suspect that corrective action would absolutely have to be taken, such as demotion or pay cut, suspension, and subsequent closer monitoring of his daily work routine. I doubt however, that he would be terminated completely from his position, as even if he does work on “auto-pilot” most of the time, he appears to be an important asset to the company, and even well-liked by the interviewer.
From an ethical standpoint, I would think that it would be the interviewer’s duty at this point, to ensure that this kind of conduct did not occur again on company time. As mentioned, if there are superiors to the interviewer, disciplinary inaction could have negative consequences for him, should they find out that he knew about the conduct. The interviewer’s disciplinary inaction at this critical point could serve as a catalyst for others to emulate his behavior, and even to generate the beginning of a growing disregard for ethical workplace conduct.
In short, the interviewee’s ego would get him in trouble. He is only thinking of himself when doing homework on the company clock, while it is ultimately his coworkers that have to pick up his slack and compensate for his lack of focus. He fails to realize the negative impact his habits could have on the company as a whole.

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