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College Mathematics I


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• Solve linear inequalities.
• Use linear equations and inequalities in real-world applications.

Week Three: Linear Functions

• Identify the domain and range of a function, as expressed per set theory.
• Evaluate forms of linear functions.
• Generate graphs.
• Use the midpoint formula with linear segments.
• Identify slope and intercept from a linear function.
• Use linear functions in real-world applications.

Week Four: Exponents & Polynomials

• Use exponents in algebraic expressions.
• Apply exponential principles to scientific notation.
• Simplify polynomials.
• Use the distribution property with polynomials.
• Perform polynomial operations.
• Use exponents and polynomials in real-world applications.

Week Five: Fundamentals of College Algebra Review I

• Review all objectives from Weeks One through Four.
• Analyze applications of mathematics.

Course Materials

Rockswold, G. K., & Krieger, T. A. (2009). Beginning and intermediate algebra with applications and visualization. (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Addison-Wesley.

All electronic materials are available on your student website.

Recommended Weekly Point Values

| | |
|Week One |  |
|Individual Assignment: MyMathLab® Exercises |10 |
|Week Two |  |
|Individual Assignment: MyMathLab® Exercises |10 |
|Week Three |  |
|Individual Assignment: MyMathLab® Exercises |10 |
|Week Four |  |
|Individual Assignment: MyMathLab® Exercises |10 |
|Week Five |  |
|Individual Assignment: Final Exam |20 |
|Learning Team Assignment: Sustainable Practices Presentation |20 |
|All Weeks |  |
|Participation (Individual 2 points week 1 and...

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