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Laethanta Saoire
Bhí triúr cailíní ag dul ar saoire go Tenerife.
Fuair siad tacsaí go dtí an t-aerfort.
Bhí siad ar bís! They were excited.
D’íoc siad as an tacsaí agus bhrostaigh siad isteach san aerfort. They paid for the taxi and the rushed into the airport.
Bhí siad ag fágáil ó aerfort Baile Átha Cliath. They were leaving from Dublin airport.

Chuaigh siad go dtí an cúntóir chun seiceáil isteach. They went to the counter to check-in.
Nuair a bhí na málaí go léir seiceáilte, fuair siad a pasanna bordála. When all the bags were checked, they got their boarding passes.
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They were really looking forward to the holiday.
Bhí siad ag samhlú / ag smaoineamh ar an bhfarraige, an ngaineamh agus ar ndóigh, an ghrian. They were imagining / thinking of the sea, the sand and of course, the sun.

Shroich siad Tenerife faoi dheireadh agus ar aghaidh leo chuig an t-óstán. They reached Tenerife finally and off they went to the hotel.
Residence Sol ab ainm dó.
Bhí na háiseanna go hiontach. The facilities were wonderful.
Bhí sé nua-aimseartha agus spásúil. It was modern and spacious.
Bhí linn snámha den chéad scoth ann. There was a top notch swimming-pool there.

Chaith siad a laethanta ar an trá. They spent their days on the beach.
Luigh siad faoin ngrian. They sun-bathed.
Chuaigh siad ag lapadáil san fharraige. They went paddling in the sea.
D’imir siad eitpheil. They played volleyball.
Bhí siad marbh ag an teas. They were killed with the heat.
Bhí an ghrian ag scoilteadh na gcloch. The sun was splitting the stones.

Gach oíche, chuaigh siad amach le haghaidh béile. Every night, they went out for a meal.
Bhí an bia go hálainn agus saor. They food was beautiful and cheap.
Bhí an freastalaí an-chairdiúil agus cainteach. The waiter was very friendly and chatty.
D’fhreastail siad ar clubanna oíche freisin. They also went to night clubs.
Chaith siad na hoícheanta ag damhsa. They spent the nights dancing.
Bhain siad an-taitneamh as an saoire sin. They really enjoyed that holiday.

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