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Hockey Essay

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Zach Hill
Business Ethics
Chapter 1:
In the 1st chapter in our book there is a sample that according to the Social Security Administration's Inspector General the federal government gives 17,000 prison inmates and 72,000 dead people economic stimulus checks that total about 22.3 million dollars. This is unethical because these are people that can't even use this money, they are giving away much needed ...view middle of the document...

The government could be giving this money to cancer research or something else that can improve our country. That is why I think it is unethical.
Chapter 2:
Back in 2010, the city of Washington D.C. put a five cent tax on disposal bags in the city. The sale of these bags dropped substantially as the study showed that people didn't want to spend the extra money on the disposal bags. This is an ethical example because it gave incentive for more people to buy the disposable bags which would eliminate the plastic waste that was hurting the environment. The is why I believe it is ethical.
Chapter 3:
With an increase in foreign interest in attending American colleges, a number of universities such as Northwestern, Ohio St, and Virginia Tech have gone over seas and built campuses to build a greater enrollment. I find this to be unethical for the United States because we no longer have the best and brightest students in the world. But yet we are going overseas to use our resources and funding to improve on other places in the world. I think we should focus on us over here before we go overseas. That is why I think it is unethical.

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