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Hlsc111 The Person Health And Wellbeing

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The Person, Health and Wellbeing Assessment 1 – Stage 2
The word ‘loss’ can be conveyed through many forms and variations of change. In relation to a 5-year-old child, change plays a vital role with increasing the way in which a child conceptualizes and responds to forms of loss. This is based on their developmental factors. The development of a child is endured by their “growth and change that makes an individual better adapted to the environment, by enhancing the individual’s ability to engage in, understand, and experience more complex behavior, thinking and emotions.” (Ailish Gill, 2012, p.166). In addition, these developments are associated with theories such as Piaget and Eriksons, ...view middle of the document...

As a result, they can think about things that are not physically present. But they cannot retrace their thoughts, imagine how an object looks from different angles, try out different ways of solving a problem, or perform other operations in their head.” (p.191)

In conjunction, to a 5-year-old, “Losses can be physical or symbolic, but they always result in a deprivation of some kind; in essence, we no longer have someone or something that we used to have. Physical loss is something tangible that becomes unavailable. The clearest example is death.” (Fredriksen-Goldsen, 2006, p.02)
Current research indicates that the cognitive development of a 5-year-old misunderstands: Nonfunctionality and aspects of death. Furthermore, “Cessation of all bodily function such as feeling, breathing, eating, is also misunderstood until they enter what Piaget (1963) described as the concrete operational stage. Moreover, A preschool child (approximately age 5) who believes that death is reversible logically asks such questions as, “When will mama be coming back?” (Kevin Ann Oltjenbruns, 2011, p.170)
It is evident that a 5-year-old would perceive loss or death as make-believe or irreversible, therefore, making his or her response difficult for someone who is at a concrete operational stage, as they’re able to understand. Moreover, this represents how important the use of how the child conceptualises and displays their development factors through understanding loss and change as their response may lead to other issues in the future. Nevertheless, in relation to other forms of loss, psychosocial perspectives represent other form of developmental factors, which conceptualises the importance of how a 5-year-old responds to loss through initiative versus guilt.

According to Kendra Cherry; “One of the main elements of Erikson’s psychosocial stage theory is the development of ego identity.” (2010)
“Erikson partitioned the lift span into eight stages, each characterized by a psychosocial crisis involving transitions in important social relationships. According to Erikson, personality is shaped by how individuals deal with these psychosocial crises… Erikson descried the stages in terms of these alternative outcomes, which represent personality traits that people display over the remainder of their lives.” (Ailish Gill, 2012, p.189)
According to Erikson’s Stage Theory, a 5-year-old represents stage 3 out of the 8 stages in the life span. Stage 3 represents ‘initiative versus guilt,’ indicating if they’re ‘good or bad’.
“In Erikson’s third stage, roughly from ages 3 to 6, the challenge facing children is to function socially within their families. If children think only of their own needs and desires, family members may begin to instill feelings of guilt, and self-esteem my suffer. But if children learn to get along well with siblings and parents, a sense of self-conscious should begin to grow.” (Ailish Gill, 2012, p.190)
This evidence represents that the child...

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